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Twin Valley Soccer Club

Board of Directors & Committee Chairs

Board of Directors

President: Lindsay Holloran

Vice President: Mike Roach

Vice President: Geoff Roswick 

Registrar: Mark Radcliffe 

Treasurer: Mark Moyer

Secretary: Kelly Lerch 

Youth Academy Director: Geoff Roswick

Fundraising / Capital Improvements: 

Each Board member is elected to a three year term. The following member's terms are as follows:
  • Term ending 12/31/18: Mark Moyer, Geoff Roswick
  • Term Ending 12/31/19: Lindsay Holloran, Mark Radcliffe, Mike Roach

Committee Chairs

Coach & Player Development Committee Co-Chairs: Joli Mattia & Mark Moyer

Fundraising / Capital Improvements: 

Field Commissioner / Facilities contact: Jim Finn 

Committee Chairs serve for a minimum of one year and have no term limit. 

Club Sponsors