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Twin Valley Soccer Club

TVSC Disciplinary Player Code of Conduct 


The Expectations of the TVSC coaching staff and Board of Directors are that all TVSC players will exhibit the highest standards of sportsmanship at all times while participating in all TVSC affiliated events. It is expected that each player, coach, parent and spectator have a responsibility to behave in a respectful manner and to support and comply with the Twin Valley Soccer Club code of Conduct as well as the rules and bylaws of the governing league. 

This policy is not intended for minor misbehaviors at practices, games and/or events that are associated with being a young person with limited attention span, etc.  These behavior disruptions are to be handled by the coach by discussing with the athlete and/or team, having them run laps or some other form of refocusing attention, sitting out individuals for part or all of the practice/game/event, or stopping practice and sending athletes home.  Coaches must have athletes sit out within view until practice is over or parent arrives to pick up their child.  If practice is ended early, coaches must enable athletes to contact parents and wait until all athletes on the team have been picked up.  This may require waiting with athlete(s) until end of regular practice time, as parents are not always able to return on short notice. 

Any violation of the policy below will result in the appropriate action at the discretion of the coaches and the TVSC Executive Board.  

Any time a player is removed from a practice or game associated with violations of this policy, the coach will inform the parent of the consequences.  All incidents will be reported in writing or email to the TVSC Coach and Player Development Committee (CPDC) within 48 hours of the occurrence. 

At any time, based on the coach’s recommendation, the Executive Board has the right to terminate the player from participation for the current season as well as future seasons. 

No individual shall: 

·      Strike, shove, threaten to strike or lay a hand upon another player, coach, official or spectator.

·      Engage in an abusive, verbal attack upon any person on or off the soccer facilities.

·      Use profane ‘trash talk’, obscene or vulgar language or gesture under any circumstances.

·      Engage in objectionable demonstration of dissent or unsportsman-like conduct such as throwing or kicking equipment, disrupting practice or a game or any other forceful action. 

·      Demonstrate any other severe behavior, such as bullying, inappropriate touching, destruction of property, and being disrespectful to others. 

·      Soccer is a contact sport and it will be up to the discretion of the coach (practice other events) or referee (game) to determine if physical contact was part of the game or with the intent to cause injury.


Any player that violates any of the above policies will be subject to the following consequences: 


Game Offense: Carded events by the referee will be subject to consequences of the league.  Twin Valley Soccer Club coaches and Board of Directors will abide by all league sanctions on players, teams, coaches, and spectators.


Practice or other TVSC events: a coach or trainer to make a complete assessment of the circumstances must observe the offense, relying upon an individual athlete or parent’s perspective from their athlete requires inquiry of the offenders perspective.  Coaches will keep in mind that soccer is a contact sport and it is difficult for an athlete to be at 100% one moment and otherwise at the next.  It is at the discretion of the coach in determining whether a real offense took place and the following policy will be:

1st Offense:  Immediate removal from event (practice, game, etc.).  The coach will discuss with the athlete the offense and at the discretion of the coach an appropriate consequence for the remainder of event will be put into place.  This may include sitting out a portion or the rest of the practice or game, running laps with goal of athlete thinking about the offense and then upon reflection taking appropriate steps to apologize to those offended.  If determined to be severe enough of an offense, the player must leave the field of play or practice area and wait in a designated area, within the coaches’ view, for parent pick up.  This is at the discretion of the coach and must be an observed offense.

2nd Offense:  Immediate removal from event. The player must leave the field of play or practice area and wait in a designated area, within the coaches’ view, for parent pick up. Player will be excluded from one TVSC practice and one game or social event. The athlete is encouraged to attend the practice and game to observe his teammates and reflect upon how his offense impacted themselves and the team.  A letter of apology must be submitted to the coach.

3rd Offense: Immediate removal from event. The player must leave the field of play or practice area and wait in a designated area, within the coaches’ view, for parent pick up.  The offense must be reported to the TVSC Board of Directors to schedule a meeting with all applicable individuals involved including at least one parent of the athlete making the offense.  The BOD after review will determine if the offense merits another time away from a practice and game, or if a more significant consequence is merited including suspicion for the remainder of the season and/or portion of the subsequent season.   Coaches and parents of the athlete making the offense will be included in the discussion to ensure that the consequence is meaningful with the purpose of learning from the situation and developing improved sportsmanship and citizenship as a member of TVSC.

If a parent or athlete either that was offended or made the offense disagrees with the assessment of the coach, the parent/guardian agrees to discuss with the coach first.  If agreement cannot be reached by all parties involved the parent and coach will bring to the TVSC Board of Directors for a closed or open discussion, as appropriate.  The BOD decision will be final.

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