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Twin Valley Soccer Club

TVSC Player and Parent Code of Conduct




   I will play soccer because I want to, not because others want me to.

   I will remember that soccer is an opportunity to learn and have fun.

   I will work hard to improve my soccer skills.

   I will encourage good sportsmanship from fellow players, coaches, officials and parents at all times.

   I will remember that winning isn’t everything, that having fun, playing fair, improving my skills, making friends, and giving my best efforts are the most important aspects of youth soccer.

   I deserve to play in an environment that is free of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol; and expect everyone to refrain from their use at all soccer games.

   I will do the best I can each day, remembering that all players have talents and weaknesses, the same as I do.

   I will treat my coaches, other players and coaches, and fans with respect at all times; regardless of race, sex, creed, or abilities, and I will expect to be treated accordingly.

   I will follow coaching direction and will not be disruptive during practice or games, nor will I “mouth off” or use bad language.

   If I have a problem with something, I will discuss it with my coach at the earliest opportunity, rather than let it grow into a bigger problem later on.

   I will be on time for practices and games and will notify my coach if I cannot attend. I will make every effort to attend all games and practices. It is up to parents to help their athletes to balance other priorities.  It is understood by TVSC and it’s coaches that during seasons other than fall soccer other sports will take priority and athletes will strive to make as many practices as possible, but we understand when a majority need to be missed in such seasons for balance.  If a player can not make a scheduled game advance notice will be given to the coach for planning to ensure sufficient athletes to field a team.

   I will concentrate on playing soccer by always giving my best effort, both in practice and in games.

   I will respect my opponents, whether they have more or less ability than me and regardless of whether I win or lose.

   I will be modest and respectful when I win, and gracious when I lose.

   I will show respect for the authority of the referee, even though I may sometimes disagree with his or her calls.

   I will not argue with the referee.

   I will not use any profanity at practices or during games.

   I will not, under any circumstances, participate in physical violence or threats of physical violence before, during or after any game or practice.

   I will not use alcohol or illegal drugs.

   I will control my temper, resist the temptation to retaliate, and exercise self control.

   I will play by the rules at all times, and if I don’t understand the rules, will attempt to learn them so I can become a better player.

   I will conduct myself with honor and dignity and treat other players, as I would like to be treated.  I know that at all times, I represent Twin Valley Soccer Club, my team and my town.

   I will obey the laws of the game and play within the spirit of the laws. 

   I have read and signed and agree to abide by the TVSC Disciplinary Code of Player Conduct.




   I agree to support the Twin Valley Soccer Club and their team in requiring players to abide by the Players Code of Conduct.

   I acknowledged that assignments of athletes to a team is made by the Academy Director (U6-U8), CPDC via evaluations (U9-U12) and coach’s try-outs in conjunction with the CPDC (U13+).  I acknowledge that teams maybe multiage to accommodate as many like ability athletes on a team. I acknowledge that team assignments are for one full soccer year, which includes fall, winter, and spring season.  If the assigned team does not play in a spring season, athletes may request to be placed on a list for spring team assignments that will be based on open roster space and ability fit with team.  If the assigned team is not playing in winter season, another team may invite athletes from another team to join their team for the winter indoor season(s).  I agree not to inquiry or petition another coach regarding my athlete’s team assignment. Any questions on team assignment will be taken to the Academy Director, CPDC and/or Coach of U13+ teams. If agreement cannot be reached a formal request for a closed or open meeting with the BOD and CPDC or Academy Director shall be made in writing to the TVSC President. 

   I agree not to follow a coach by registering my athlete with another club when the coach is attempting to move a team.  Athletes are assigned teams by above not coaches.  The Academy Director or CPDC assigns coaches to teams.  The TVSC Coach’s Code of Ethics defines grievance procedures when a coach and/or team disagree with the direction of TVSC for a team. 

   I agree to abide by the policy for parents requesting an athlete to play-up an age level, if I am of the opinion my athlete should be considered for a higher level of competitive team.   This procedure is different than multiage team assignments made by the CPDC due to player numbers and goal of combining like ability athletes. 

   I will not use or possess alcohol, illegal drugs or weapons while attending TVSC matches.

   I will not under any circumstance shout abusively at my child or any other child.

   I will not under any circumstance shout abusively or threaten any physical abuse to any coach or referee.

   I will not dispute any call made by the referee; and I understand that the Twin Valley Soccer Club may sanction any spectator who verbally abuses or assaults a referee.

   I will not coach my child or other children from the sideline during the game.

   I will only make positive comments to the players and it is understood that coaches and not parents shall provide instructional input during games.

   I understand that the game is for the children not for the adults.

   I understand that obscenities are strictly prohibited and that the referee shall instruct any spectator guilty of using obscenity to leave the venue.

   I understand that TVSC parents are responsible for the behavior of all of their team’s guests/spectators and that they shall act in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

   I understand that spectators are to take the side of the field opposite the teams; spectators will remain at least 3 feet behind the touchline; if, during the match, the spectators behavior is out of line then the referee will ask the coaches to speak to the spectators; if the behavior continues, it is within the discretion of the referee to ask the offending spectator(s) to leave the venue; and the referee shall abandon the match if the spectators become unruly and out of control. 

   If I am concerned with a coach's actions or playing time of my athlete, I agree to wait 24 hours prior to contacting the coach.  Time often provides a better perspective and ensures that immediate emotional perspective does not get over emphasized.   I also realize that when appropriate, I should encourage my athlete to discuss with his/her coach the concern.  I may need to be present to provide support, but encouraging them to directly discuss with their coach provides a growth opportunity for their voice to be heard and how to approach those in authority appropriately.  Likewise, if a coach has a concern with a parent they should reciprocate by waiting 24 hours to discuss. Unless, immediate intervention is required for the well being of another athlete on the team, their parent, or the coach.

I have read and signed and agree to abide by the TVSC Disciplinary Code of Player Conduct for my athlete.


Volunteer Support:

   I agree that as a member of the Twin Valley Soccer Club, which is an all volunteer organization, that I will commit to providing 2 hours of volunteer service for fall seasons and 1 hour of service for spring seasons to represent my family (hours of service are per family regardless of number of athletes registered).  As we institute this policy, we plan to do such with a request for honesty and integrity in striving to meet these volunteer hours.  A Sign-Up Genius will be sent with volunteer tasks with an estimated number of hours for each, such as line one downsized U11/12 field at Zack Saint – 1 hour.  We ask that you only sign-up for things you can and will follow through.  Otherwise, this leads to already very busy board members having to dart off to a field to line it to support a game over the weekend.  This leads to burn out of the board and their focus becomes routine task versus leading the club forward.  If the club finds that we still do not have follow-up support, a fee of $20 will be collected at the beginning of each season from each family.  This volunteer deposit fee will be returned upon completion of each family’s volunteer hours.  Otherwise, the deposit will be forfeited and utilized to hire individuals to complete routine task in future seasons.   It is our desire not to have to monitor and/or have such a volunteer deposit, but we need to do something to ensure the volunteer hours to complete task are shared more evenly amongst club family members.


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